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Partners MySchool Discovery. Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. Email address subscribed successfully. A activation email has been sent to you. Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription. Sitemap Index. General Imprint:. Ernie J Zelinski. Besides, Rodolfo, has turned into a thief. Alvaro, would you please explain to my why Rodolfo just told me that you and him are rich?

And so where would you two get the money, I want you to tell me?

Oh, you free loader, hmm. You know what, Jessica? That those are just pure illusion, you see, like the electric slide, the funky chicken. We have to have some fun.

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Because, you already know, Jessica, that I have to go to Timbuktu, sweetheart, to give my body pleasure. And then later you can tell me how everything went. Be very careful. Some of are born with fortune smiling on some but not on others. Uh, others look for a penthouse, you know?

And others just want freedom. I will never be able to forget Tatiana. Imagine is going on and we even get married, and then I spend all of the time thinking about Tatiana. Goodbye, Barbara. That stupid hood rat! He has the nerve to dump me. The worst part is that I barely got any money out of him.

Cosas Que YA Sabes, Pero Siempre Olvidas : Ernie J Zelinski :

I have to ask Rodolfo for money so that I can go before the police start to investigate. That idiot!

CLARA I remember you telling me, that you had money and that you were going to pay my family everything that you owe them, so that means you have money. Where did you get it from, huh? Answer me.

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You took my money too? Of course I have nothing to do with whatever Rodolfo did to you. I hope you understand please.

Leave me alone! Do you know why? And just leave me alone, I just came to pack my bags.

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Spiteful person and on top of being spiteful! I hate you! I have to warn him about what Tatiana told me. So then what is the problem now? Because I have to inform you that Troncoso is back. The moment of what? See you later. Where are you going, in the middle of the party? ALL ad lib Ah! Bye, adios. Oh, to the beach!

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Are you ready to play in the jungle? HENRY Compatriot, please, tell me please that you already told her that everything is terminated in the relationship. Very Good! You go in and you can finally talk about fixing things. Her I go. PATY Good luck! You want me to go with you to the United States? But how do you play that or what?

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Just the two of us… alone? I have money and you like that. Plus you have that thing that I love so much. So what do you say, are you coming or not? That miserable man is never going to fully accept my, my gorgeous daughter. The only thing she needs is to get with the program, and she wise up so that Rodolfo will fall at her feet, just like I did with you, Alicia. Okay so now what? Will you go with me, yes or no? He finally found what his, my love. PATY Yes.

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I know that he loves me because, because I can feel it in my heart. But you see, I feel like he needs me. Move over, girl, ashh. PATY That poor girl. But why are you doing this, Rodolfo? Rodolfo made it all up. I have a right to know, why are you doing this? Throw it. You stay there. TATA What are you doing here? SARA Oh stop. I came to bring you a letter that came to my house by mistake. TATA Yeah, well I went to a casting to be one of their models and they just contract girls in advance and… inhales Oh no way.

So that means that they want me as an exclusive model for the new season! Did you hear that?