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July 03, Cambridge Dictionary.

Meaning of bittersweet in English. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Feeling pleasure and happiness as pleased as Punch idiom ASMR be dancing in the streets idiom be floating on air idiom be full of the joys of spring idiom contentedly dance delighted delightedly delirious deliriously incandescent joyfully joyous joyously jubilant jubilantly swoon walk on air idiom wrapped. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Feeling sad and unhappy.

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The ending is bittersweet , with both sides suffering losses. From Wikipedia.

Bittersweet Raleigh - a terribly wonderful dessert, cocktail & coffee lounge

The liqueur has a delicate and pleasant bittersweet taste and is often mixed with soda water and ice. Six months have passed and it has been a bittersweet quiet. The sadness of losing his best friend turned into a bittersweet tribute to a young man who fought cancer valiantly. The horrific grandeur of the third movement is thereby held over into the bittersweet intermezzo.

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The novel is at once an eerie account of time travel and a bittersweet comedy of manners. Despite strong performances, a haunting score and good production values its ending is somewhat bittersweet. The vinegar combines acidity with a burning sensation that gives recipes where it is used a bittersweet side characteristic.

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  8. There is also an inherently nostalgic, bittersweet element. He achieved his business successes in bittersweet circumstances. The atmosphere of the band's music flows through the surreal and bittersweet end, to making it a soundtrack of life. Transient Integration — Provides three different modes of transient processing; Fast, Medium and Slow Period — For setting the range of the time window used to detect the transients that will be processed. Open Sound Control Support.

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    As simple as just turning a knob. Turning the knob to Sweet side reduces the transients which commonly decreases any transient-rich percussive sounds in the mix, and turning the knob to the Bitter side magnifies the transients which commonly increases any transient-rich percussive sounds in the mix.

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    Multiband Features. Main - processes using regular stereo signal scheme and it's the only available mode for multichannel operations Center - engages the internal MS encoder and processes only the Mid channel. After processing the sound is decoded back to stereo.