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The fallen angel has been granted enough control by the Glorified God to test the truthfulness of our faith and conviction in Islamic teachings. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. But if you deviate after clear proofs have come to you, and then know that Allah is the Exalted in Might and Wise. Allah SWT has clearly warned us to stay safe from the satanic evil by sticking to our Islamic devotion and beliefs. After being aware that Shaitaan is always ready to stray us from the right path, we have to safeguard our Eeman. Just like we protect our houses and properties from a potential robbery, when we come across news of thieves operating in the city.

In the same way, we also have to take some defensive measures against this devil, as we do not have the capacity to fight it, but we can only guard ourselves from it. Let us discuss some of the possible ways to shield ourselves from its wickedness successfully:. In the context of the above discussion, since a Muslim knows that only God can give it the power to resist sharr sin of the Lucifer from affecting its heart and soul.

We also carry out the act of asking for being on the straight path while reciting Surah Fatiha five times a day during our prayers. He said, " If someone wants to give sadaqa, seventy satans cling to his hand and try to prevent him from doing the good turn. I have some wheat at home. I shall go home just now and bring it to the mosque to give away in charity. I shall see how the satans prevent me from doing it! On reaching home, when his wife became aware of his intention, she shouted at him, " In these days of acute famine you have no care of your wife and children!

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Perhaps the famine conditions might prolong and we might all die of starvation because of shortage of wheat. The friends asked him, " What has happened. You have returned from home without the wheat? The seventy satans had clung to your hands and prevented you from doing the sadaqa. Sadaqa is also not giving a few coins reluctantly because: Lun tanalu al birr a hatta tunfequ mimma tuhibboon Never shall ye attain to righteousness until ye give away in the way of your Lord — Ale Imran What is your financial position?

There will be another condition attached to your charity that you should not brag about it to the beneficiary nor to other friends. Belittling the person who has received your help by reminding of your good deed can render your sadaqa null and void. But the enemy is very cunning. He strives hard to see that the person fails to reach the threshold of penitence and forgiveness.

Satan now infuses an inspiration into the heart of his subject, " What has happened? What big sin you have committed that you are so ashamed! You are still young. Even if penitence is necessary, you can do that when you are old. At that time penitence will be ideal that you will be weak and sickly and you may not have strength to break your resolve of penitence. This is the time of your youth. How do you expect to keep your promise of abstinence after expressing penitence? It is a Jehad e Akbar when a person, just for the sake of Allah and His friendship, ignores his personal profits and gains.

This is better than the Jehad fought with the infidels because this is confrontation with Nafs e Ammara or the vile personal instincts. If one fails in this Jehad, he may not succeed in the other! The cause of the defeat will definitely be the instigation and temptation by Satan. In this defeat the person will not only die but also be given retribution in the Hereafter.

Hazrat Syed e Sajjad a. I seek you protection from my enemy! O Master of the House!

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The ferocious dog is attacking me. Come to my rescue and save me from the harm that it can cause to me! The narrator says that the accursed satan came to the Imam in the shape of a big python. We have already mentioned earlier that satans have the faculty to appear in any shape and form they wish to. Anyway, he went near the Imam a. The accursed creature bit one of the toes of the Imam a. But the pain of the bite was not felt by the Imam a. Keep people informed of the machinations of Satan. Nahi an il Munkar abstinence from the taboo is obligatory on every believer. At least express abhorrence of the satanic actions.

There is no precondition attached to doing this. It is the bounden duty of all of us to save ourselves from such a situation! Those who witness some foul act of their friends and, instead of advising them to abstain from such acts, encourage and abet them in doing more such acts, then they too will be deemed partners in the commitment of the undesirable acts.

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It is observed that a person abstains from going to cinema theatres and clubs to avoid getting looked down upon in the society. But he does have a desire to visit such places.

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This would mean that he is not afraid of Allah but fears his fellow men! Despite his abstinence from going to places of ill repute, he is committing a sin because of his evil desires. We might be carrying a hallucination that we are performing good deeds and, in actual fact, our actions are all at the instigation of Satan. This situation is so delicate that it is thinner than the hair and sharper than the sword.

According to Haji Noori some people die with the false pride that they are the friends of Hazrat Ali a. If they are true friends of Hazrat Ali a. It is quite possible, if they are making empty claims of friendship with Hazrat Ali a. Beware O hapless Muslims! Your faith is in danger! If Satan puts you in doubts at the time of your death, what would happen to you?

In your own false pride you claim to be Hazrat Ali a. Where are you heading to? In whose obedience you are indulging? If that is Satan, then he is your friend and guide. The friendship of Ali a.

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  • But let it not be dominated by other evil influences! Confess whether you value your worldly desires more than the love of Hazrat Ali a. If your concern is fulfillment of worldly desires, are you not concerned for the Hereafter? Who is worried about the Hereafter. When people go to the Majlis of Hazrat Abul Fazlil Abbas, they seek his intercession for the fulfillment of their worldly desires. If their wishes were fulfilled without the intercession, they might not have gone to the majlis! Has it ever happened that you have sought intercession that your end comes with love of Ali a.

    This is true because your heart is for Hazrat Ali a. But before reaching the presence of the Imam a.

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    First, the traces of love for others have to be removed before one could get access to Ali a. You must yourself show kindness to your friends! Therefore, this foremost aspect or pillar must be very strong and formidable so that the super-structure built on it too is strong. The word taqwa is derived from the word waqayat which means guarding and protecting. In the juridical sense, abstention from acting against awamir wa nawahi commandments and prohibitions is termed taqwa. It is necessary that taqwa should entrench itself to such a degree that the very thought of committing sins becomes abhorrent to us.

    For example, even if all the friends join together to encourage a man of piety to gossip or backbite against another person, he must desist from doing it.

    Seeking Refuge in Allah: Introduction

    This is termed malikat e taqwa wherein a tendency develops in a person that he is able to resist the onslaught of Satan. Then abstention from haram or taboo things becomes easier for us. By practicing this abstinence, piety will get stronger. As far as possible we should not miss the optional prayers mustahebaat. One who is regular at offering these optional prayers, will never think of foregoing the mandatory prayers.

    When you walk barefooted through a thorny jungle, how will you traverse the way? Will you keep your eyes up and walk casually or keep every step with due care and observation to prevent the thorns hurting your bare feet? Taqwa too means that on the path of life Satan has spread thorns and the man of piety has to save himself from getting hurt by them and keep moving forward all the time. I beseech for your protection against the bait and intrigue of Iblees! In the urge for eating the bait, the animal gets caught in the net. The accursed Iblees uses several baits.

    How to be a Mindful Muslim: An Exercise in Islamic Meditation

    He has several camouflaged ditches of sin and perfidy to entangle his prey. They can thus see through the baits of Satan. This is the play ground of Satan where he hoists his standard in the mornings and places his chair, and spreads his chess-board.