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Maturing means knowing how to give meaning to the things we experience and to make a personal balance of what one has lived.

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Old age is serenity and benevolence. Live Your Life is an amusing and practical book that includes many tests based on actual cases treated by this prestigious Spanish psychiatrist, so the reader can explore his or her own psychological development. This book is a guide that will allow us to discover that there is a solution to everything if we face it with intelligence, common sense and the will to overcome it. Our lives see people that leave their mark on us, and situations that impact us.

Sometimes we learn lessons that can motivate us to change our ways.

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By listening to our hearts we can identify if we are reacting to fear or if we are acting based on love, which allows us to choose, decide and act accordingly. In this book, social leader and spiritual guide Jaime Jaramillo tells the extraordinary stories not only lived by him, but by people he has met over the years, people of all ages and social conditions that have inspired him to dream and act.

For him, we all have the inner strength to transform ourselves, heal, overcome adversities and find meaning in life.

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The Cuckoo's Calling. A young model with emotional issues falls from her balcony in Mayfair in the middle of the night. Her body lies on the street covered in snow. Everyone assumes it was suicide, except for her brother, who hires a privet investigator, Cormoran Strike to get to the bottom of things.

A war veteran with physical and psychological scars, Stike's life is a disaster. The job gives him temporary economic relief, but the deeper he goes into the model's world, the darker everything seems to get while getting close to real danger. An elegant mystery full of London's atmosphere, from the exclusive streets of Mayfair, to the dark pubs of the East End and the hustle and bustle of Soho. A fascinating historical investigation of the reasons why the great utopia of the 20th century became corrupted.

Moved by some sort of macabre predestination, they become victim and executioner of one of the most revealing crimes of the 20th century. Leonardo Padura has written an ambitious and fascinating historical investigation of the reasons why the great utopia of the 20th century became corrupted. Caballo de fuego I. Eliah Al-Saud is a professional soldier, excessively cynical to believe it can be changed. But when Eliah and Matilda meet, the attraction is unavoidable and, despite their differences, they submit to the passion that overcomes them.

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Their romance will become a dangerous adventure, with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a nuclear threat as the backdrop. An addictive contemporary novel where two intense and captivating characters will fight for their lives and of their loved ones. But, will they also be able to save their love?

Sirena 4. An ancient curse separated Gemma Fisher from her family, friends and love. She has in her hands the possibility to recover it all, but breaking the spell that has condemned mermaids for centuries seems to be an impossible fight. Only with courage, love and the power of friendship will she be able to face life and her destiny.

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Robert Galbraith. Robert Galbraith Pseudonym ,. The Cuckoo's Calling Paperback.

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Robert Galbraith ,. The Cuckoo's Calling Cormoran Strike 1. Robert Glenister Narrator.

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El canto del cuco Cormoran Strike, 1. Il richiamo del cuculo Cormoran Strike 1. Angela Ragusa Goodreads Author Translator. Alessandra Casella Translator. Siska Yuanita Translator. O Chamado do Cuco Hardcover. Ryta Vinagre Tradutora. Quando o Cuco Chama Cormoran Strike 1. Ana Saldanha Translator. Maria Georgina Segurado Translator.

Rita Figueiredo Translator. Elena Petrova Translator. Der Ruf des Kuckucks Cormoran Strike, 1. Wulf H. Bergner Translator.