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No spammy tricks that could put your account at risk. Plus, tools and strategies to make your Instagram marketing more efficient. Better Instagram Hashtag Management : After months of being more serious about connecting with craft professionals on Instagram, I've found a better way to manage my Instagram hashtags.

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Selling Crafts Online: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

Here's how to do smart research to use the right hashtags to promote your business on Pinterest. Here's my review of the book Pinterest Power - A guide to using Pinterest for business that is particularly well suited for craft business owners because the author and his wife use Pinterest to promote their own successful craft business. Read my review of Pinterest Power. Social Influencer Marketing : How to build real relationships with established bloggers and social influencers to promote your craft business online.

Write Better Partnership Proposals : Most proposals for product features or guest blog posts get ignored because they are terribly written. Here's how to write a partnership proposal that has a better chance of being read and considered by an established blogger or social media influencer. Here's the first article in a series on email marketing. Get a handle on email marketing jargon, then find out why sending out a newsletter is worth your time and how to get started building a mailing list and sending out your own newsletter.

Benefits of Email Marketing : Thinking about launching a newsletter to promote your craft business but not sure if it's worth your time? Here are some of the biggest benefits of email marketing. Plus, why you need a newsletter even if you already connect with customers on social media.

What to Write About in Your Craft Business Newsletter : You know you want to market your business with a newsletter, but you have no idea what to write about. Here are plenty of ideas to get you started. How Often to Send Out Your Newsletter : Find the right frequency for your newsletter to maximize business benefits, make good use of your time, and keep your subscribers happy. Email Marketing Service Providers : Learn the benefits of using a professional email marketing service. Plus, discover the right company to host your business newsletter.

How to Get More Subscribers for Your Newsletter : Simple and effective ways to get more people to sign up for your business newsletter. Keep Your Subscribers Interested : How to write better newsletters that encourage customers to open your emails, and keep your subscribers interested in hearing more from you.

Make Smart, Informed Decisions About Your Newsletter : Discover the statistics you need to watch, and what to look for, so you can make savvy decisions to make subscribers happy and boost your newsletter's business benefits. Connecting With a Blogger Community : Should you work with a group of bloggers to support each other in building your online businesses?

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Etiquette of Blogging : Do you think a large company might be trying to take advantage of your small online business? Has another blogger reached out with a request that doesn't feel quite right, but you're not sure whether your expectations are reasonable?

5 Tips for Selling Your Handmade Crafts Online | CraftCover

Here are some guidelines for beginner bloggers who want to know where to draw the line on bad blogging behavior. Plus, how to avoid committing blogging etiquette blunders yourself, so you don't make a bad impression on fellow bloggers. Persuasive Online Copywriting : In person, customers have a real opportunity to interact with your product - to touch, smell, and see up close the colors, textures, beauty, and skill behind your work.

When you sell crafts online, you have photos and text working for you. That's it. You really need to take the time to write great listings for your online products. Here's how to write to motivate your customers to buy, plus an excellent, free resource to give you in-depth instruction in writing to sell. How Shipping Fees Affect Your Online Sales : Have you ever stepped away from an online purchase because the shipping fees were just a bit too high? I certainly have.

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Shipping fees are often an afterthought in an online sales strategy, but they can have a surprisingly big impact in the success of your online craft business. Don't underestimate the impact shipping fees can have on online sales. Here's how your customers think about shipping fees and how to adjust your shipping fees to make to make the most of your online sales. Free and Inexpensive Ways to Bring Customers to Your Site : Here are two free and inexpensive strategies for bringing more traffic to your site, plus good resources you can use to learn, in depth, what you need to know to use those strategies effectively to sell crafts online.

Craft Business Resources : There are so many resources for building a website it could make your head spin. And, sadly, a lot of them are overpriced or not reliable.