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You can find these at almost any thrift store or estate sale. They often need sanding and a new coat of finish to look brand-new, which is easy to do and makes your profit margin high. I have seen many disgusting chairs get new life after a professional reupholstering. Older chairs with wooden legs were built to be reupholstered, not just thrown out when they experienced wear and tear.

Believe it or not, record players are still very popular.

Thrift Store Flipping: 6 Easiest Items to Flip for a Profit - Iliketodabble

Check out this vintage record player for sale on Ebay, for example. Many people are in the market for record players and jukeboxes which have been retrofitted with Bluetooth speakers. Here is a helpful guide. Old school meat grinders, butcher tools, mixers, and the like are incredibly popular, even if people just want to use them as decorations.

Vintage picture frames are highly-sought after items. They tend to stay in families for generations, but sometimes they pop up at estate sales and thrift stores. Be sure to inspect clothing very carefully, as most sellers will not honor returns or refunds. Your old baseball card collection may not be worth what you thought it would be when you were a kid, but it definitely has value.

Where to Find Things to Flip for Profit

Rare items, especially if autographed, will definitely be more profitable. Lego nearly went out of business years ago, which would have made Lego sets even more valuable. My parents still have a light-up ceramic Christmas tree that my aunt made for them when I was young.

They have become very rare finds. Many old-school video games are worth far more than the average person understands. If you are or were a gamer as a kid, this is your chance to put that knowledge to good use!

Read more here. If you can pick them up at discounted rates, the profit margin potential is huge. These kinds of flips tend to be high-risk, high-reward, but the profits can be extremely high. Here is a list of some of the most profitable high end items to flip:. You can often resell many of the items without repairing or refurbishing them, while items in need of repair may not require too much effort or special skill.

Here are our best tried and true tips for making sure you can turn a profit on items before you buy them or pick them up for free:. Before you buy or pick up any items to resell, conduct a few quick searches for similar items on Ebay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Sure, most goods will have some wear and tear. When researching on Ebay, you may notice major price variances among similar items based solely on age difference. Once you know what items to flip for a profit, you can begin searching for new items to get started. Your own home is a great place to start, as you likely have many items sitting around in your basement, attic, or garage.

After searching your home, garage sales and estate sales are often the next place to start. After checking your home and local garage sales, thrift stores like Salvation Army and Good Will, and even discount wholesalers like Big Lots are good places to turn.

However, there are a few simple things you can almost always do before you list your items to make sure you maximize the profit potential of each item you flip:. Thanks to the power of the internet, this task is much easier today than it was for my Grandpa many decades ago.

Digital Flipping Masterclass: Learn to Flip Services Online

I recommend trying to sell your flipped items in the least expensive way possible to start. If you have many quality items ready to sell, have a garage sale or list them for free on Facebook Marketplace. You could even list them for sale on your personal Facebook page. Just make sure to post well-lit pictures with good descriptions. You can also find and join local garage sale and item swap Facebook groups in your area and request to join them.

Many people try to use these groups to unload junk, so your quality finds will really stand out, especially if you take crystal clear pictures and provide vivid item descriptions. Your exposure will definitely be higher than on Facebook groups, but the Craigslist interface is a bit old and clunky, in my opinion. Finally, Ebay is on obvious and easy option for selling your items. Here is how it works:. Decluttr buys your items directly from you.

LetGo is increasing in popularity in many areas as the go-to free app to buy and sell unwanted stuff. Some people may have personal and ethical reasons why they may not want to flip items for profits. Because you probably just want to go straight to the side hustle and moneymaking without all the hoopla! Here are the easiest items to flip for quick ways to make money:. Modern and vintage designer labels are one of the easiest things you can flip for profit.

You can often find designer label items nestled among the racks of a regular thrift store. Hermes, Chanel, Fendi, Coach — plus more modern designer labels from Anthropologie and Nordstrom — all sell well on Ebay, Poshmark, and other selling sites. Vintage swimwear is a hot seller, from mid-century to the 90s.

10 Everyday items You Can Kickflip!

Vintage and modern sports jerseys make great flipping money, especially if the team or playing is in the playoffs or having a great year. If the jersey is stained, an overnight soak in Oxi-Clean can bring you more profit from flipping. Stuffed animals, stuffies, plush toys are more than for little kids — they can bring some serious cash.

Many people want to relive the memories and feelings of their childhood.

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Everyone had plentiful plush in their kid bedrooms. Maybe the plush you loved kept you company after school. Maybe a beloved grandparent gifted you a stuffed animal you lost somewhere along the way. Plush is often valuable because people want to reclaim their childhoods. Make money flipping new and vintage concert t-shirts for cash — one of the easiest things to flip for profit. In some cases, even damaged sweaters can be flipped for profit. Look for grandpa and Mr.

Rogers type sweaters, as well as Nordic, Irish, and fisherman style chunky knits. Crafters even use damaged cashmere sweaters to upcycle into new items. Shoes, both used and new, are a staple of easy flipping income. Women depend on their beauty products, so when companies discontinue manufacturing a staple item, the price often rises sharply on Ebay and Poshmark. Discontinued beauty items to keep an eye out for include shampoos, lotions, lipstick shades, and foundations.

If the item is opened, you do need to check for any funky smells that mean the ingredients have spoiled or separated. Estate sale bathrooms are a great place to check for vintage and discontinued beauty products. Like beauty products, vintage perfumes are another easy flip for profit. You can even sell open and partially used bottles just be sure to disclose that in your listing.

25+ Best Items to Flip and Make Money (and Where to Find Them) in 12222

When shipping vintage perfume to a buyer, be sure to choose a ground shipping method and pack well. Brands like Brioni and Hermes and vintage skinny wool ties sell extremely well, as do Donald Trump silk ties. Vintage linens such as napkins, tablecloths, and bed linens are an easy flip for money, even if they are in less than perfect condition.